Vorna Manager - IAM Consulting

Designed for IT security leaders to support in IAM Service Strategy development

IAM Process Owner consulting service. 


Responsible of overall Identity and Access Management (IAM) services as being the single point of contact for service lifecycle and performance.

Defines governance to certify and demonstrate that permissions for identities are appropriate and in conformance with company policies and regulatory requirements.

Accountable to internal control for the proper design, execution, and improvement of the access process. 

Ensures that the process is being carried out, but does not run the day-to-day operation of the process.

Increased agility with Identity and Access Services

Module 1: Account


Module Objectives:

Define company-wide IAM services for IT service management,  Service provisioning for organization workforce.

Module 2: Credential


Module Objectives:

Workforce authentication and Privileged Access and Session Management services.

Module 3: Login


Module Objectives:

Delegated access management for Business Partners based on service contracts.

Module 4: Certificate


Module Objectives:

Public trust certificate services for SSL/TLS and Digital Signing.


Additional work will be done on time & material basis and will be charged based on actuals. Service hours: 08.00 – 17.00 Finnish business hours. Prices 0% VAT.

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